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The new home for Union Weekly, College Beat TV and Kbeach Radio

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Union Weekly has been a staple of the CSULB community since 1977, and following in their four decade long tradition of pushing the boundaries they are expanding to join 22 West Media to magnifying their reach and scope of content. Since its inception, the vision of the paper has been to be “the students’ newspaper,” and with each new staff the Union Weekly has progressively taken steps to keep true to that ideal. Until the 22 West Media launch is complete, stay up to date on their content by visiting Union Weekly.
College Beat Television (CBTV) was founded in the spring of 2000 as a student involvement program operating under the University Student Union. Over the years, CBTV has expanded its format, incorporating new ideas from its ever-changing, yet highly talented contributors. With creative video content dominating the way information is shared both on websites and on social media, this new division of 22 West Media will serve as an integral part of the team.
22 West Media will be the new home for Kbeach Radio. Founded in the 1990’s by students in their dorms, this radio station has been around informing and entertaining students for decades. Depending on the season, Kbeach has between 40 and 50 student and local community volunteers that help to curate a wide variety of programming, including: EDM (Electronic Dance Music), rock, hip-hop, soul, funk and Top 40 music, as well as news, talk, sports formatted, and religious programming. Until the launch is complete, you can visit their website to live stream content by visiting Kbeach Radio.