In this feature, we consider the question activists are asking now: if protests and rallied are too radical and petitions don't "solve anything," how else are we to be heard? The answer? Make art. 

Born in the U.S. to Oaxacan parents, 21-year-old South Los Angeles photographer Zuly Garcia has taken it upon herself to portray indigenous women and their beauty through a project entitled “Flores Politicos."

In this new age of vanity, Kusama definitely is not ignorant to the new developments of the selfie and social media with her "Infinity Mirrors."

“Woke!” consists of a series of spoken-word personal narratives that deal with racism, sexism, feminism and all of their intricate intersectionalities. It’s the first installment in the theatre’s “Devising Democracy” series, a line of productions intended to generate conversation around current political issues.

From our Creative Writing Competition winner, Eric Lomax, a redemption story of a robbery gone wrong.

I spent a lot of that weekend worrying that I was going to regret going. It’s the middle of midterms, I have a lot of deadlines, papers, readings and projects. I tried to cram as much as I could before departing and I’ve been paying for the weekend since I got back. But seeing this show, with its amazing cast and all of the hard work and labor put into it, was worth it.

Winter ought to come sooner or later, but for now let's just work with what we have in our closets and hope the California climate can finally catch up with the changing season.