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Illustration by Arielle Zepeda
Illustration by Arielle Zepeda


By Arielle Zepeda

Young women poised in their full glory.

While others are allowed to tell them why they’re worthy.

Be my visual, be my muse!

Anger driven men when women refuse

Oh, that’s ok I didn’t want you anyway

But he’s mad because I was the one who walked away

Sittin’ here in their voluptuous folds

Masculinity walks by and says, dayummmm girl you look thick

But behind closed doors, fat girls make me sick.

In hierarchy, women are to entertain

for the people who are extremely vain.

Deprivation of the things they love,

some of those ”big bodied” women need a hug.

stomach’s round and unique

With stretch marks to add to her gorgeous physique

Night and day starvation excites --

the thought of fitting into something nice and tight.

Go on, that’s how you wear them right!

Let those nalgas stand out big and bright

We don’t do it for the others who despise

They’re not the ones with these big ol’ thighs.