Second Time Impressions

Lovelytheband’s emotional performance left showgoers with a night to remember

 By Jazmine Avila Contributor 

Lovelytheband's lead singer Mitchy Collins

 Lovelytheband played a sold out show at the Troubadour on Feb. 6, a valiant accomplishment despite it being their second time headlining.

The indie pop band, formed in late 2016 in Los Angeles, is comprised of vocalist Mitchy Collins, guitarist John Greenwald and drummer Sam Price.

The night commenced with fans eagerly awaiting to enter the venue--everyone in line seemed to be in high spirits.

Lovelytheband had two opening acts:, which were Half the Animal and Dales.

Half the Animal opened up the night with an energetic vibe that really got the crowd going. The highlight of this band was definitely their lead singer, Chase Johnson, and their cover of Gambino’s “Redbone.” He had great stage presence and bounded across the stage all throughout the set. Both the band and the crowd were feeding off of each other and they helped set the tone for how the rest of the night was going to go.

Dales also had a great set and kept the crowd going with his rock and guitar- heavy songs. He brought an edgier vibe to the crowd and everyone really enjoyed him and his band.

Half the Animal, the first opener for Lovelytheband

After the two opening acts, it was time for Lovelytheband to come out. They began their set with the ridiculously upbeat number “Make You Feel Pretty” that got the crowd so hyped. Their lead singer, Mitchy Collins, got a bit teary-eyed on stage. He recounted how they never expected the Troubadour to sell out and that he was overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t really articulate his thoughts properly.

During their set, they brought out two surprise guests. For their song “Coachella,” they brought out Sierra Deaton, formerly a part of Alex and Sierra. The duet was so fun to watch and experience. Collins and Deaton’s chemistry was so palpable that it made the song one of my favorites of the night. Their second surprise guest was Luke Hemmings, lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer. He came out to perform the second verse from Lovelytheband’s single “Broken” and my inner fangirl was freaking out.

Dales performing before Lovelytheband

The highlight of the night was when Collins took time before their song “Broken” to talk about his struggle with depression. It’s been said a lot of times before but when he said, “It’s okay not to be okay,” i.” It struck a chord within me, and maybe it was seeing someone be so vulnerable in front of hundreds of people, but his words rang out above the rest.

All throughout the night, the band was appreciative of the crowd and was in awe. Lovelytheband is such a talented and genuine band that it’s not hard to root for them and hope they gain more popularity. Their concert at the Troubadour was such a unique and amazing experience and it’s definitely an experience that felt more intimate than any concert I’ve ever attended. If you haven’t listened to them yet, I suggest you do. And if you have the opportunity to see them in concert, don’t miss out on seeing them.