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The team thanks spectators for attending the game on a hot summer night.
The team thanks spectators for attending the game on a hot summer night. (Giovanni Cardenas/22 West Magazine)

LBSU Women’s Soccer Team Earns Hard-Fought Win

Gritty defense makes the difference in a narrow game

“Together,” that’s the word that sophomore defender Chloe Froment used to describe the team’s tough win against the Dartmouth Friday night.

“The team collectively won,” Froment said postgame.

Make no mistake about it, the match against the Big Green was tough on all sides. Battling higher-than normal temperatures as well as a stifling defense, LBSU’s women’s soccer team had their work cut out for them.

Coming into the game, Dartmouth had a 2–0 record with no draws while #25 LBSU stood with a 2–1 record and 1 draw. As the game progressed, it appeared that LBSU would end up with another draw as both sides played stifling defense, breaking up potential offensive possessions and then going for the counterattack.

If the first half could be summarized into one word, it would be “defense” as Dartmouth had four shots on goal to LBSU’s seven. The first half ended in a dull nil-nil draw, which highlighted the defensive job both sides had put forth.

The second half, however, was a different story as LBSU came out with a renewed spirit and kept pushing the tempo on offense.

We played three [defenders] in the back so then we had more players to play forward, especially on the [wing],” Froment said. “It was [a] more offensive [formation].

LBSU’s offense finally broke through at the 55-minute mark on a cross by senior forward Tori Bolden, which came off the cross bar and landed right at the feet of sophomore midfielder Ayana Robles, who tucked the ball into the back of the net.

From there, LBSU kept attacking, never letting their foot off the gas in an attempt to extend their lead. To Dartmouth’s credit, they continued to counterattack beautifully and were able to get five shots on goal, though LBSU goalkeeper Imani McDonald kept all threats at bay.

As the game wore on, not only were the Big Green feeling the heat from the 91 degree night, but also the deficit as they became more and more aggressive with their challenges and their attacks in hopes of tying the score.

 Rola Badawiya defends the ball as Dartmouth players begin to put pressure on her. (Giovanni Cardenas/22 West Magazine)

However, it was not meant to be for the Big Green as time expired and LBSU walked away with the hard fought 1–0 victory. Overall, LBSU had more shots on goal (14–9) and corner kicks (5–1) and less saves (3–7) than Dartmouth did.

Though he was proud of his team for beating the undefeated New Hampshire outfit, Head Coach Mauricio Ingrassia was less than pleased that Cal Berkeley had cancelled their game while LBSU played theirs.

“Well, we have a game on Sunday against Cal and [they] didn’t play today,” he said postgame. “Cal cancelled their game because of the conditions up there and so I had to sub a lot, I subbed a lot more than normal just to keep fresh legs.”

“It’s because we’re trying to win two games on the weekend,” he continued. “You can’t do it by going all out on Friday night; you’ll have nothing for Sunday against a team that didn’t play today.”

“It’s an unfair situation, so we try to make the best of it. So then the game maybe got a little choppier because of all the subs. But that’s something we knew we had to do from the beginning,” he concluded.

LBSU ended it’s weekend with a 1–0 defeat against Berkeley on Sunday. The 49ers now stand with a 3–2–1 record after not being able to come back from their second half deficit against the Bears.

Nonetheless, LBSU will be hoping to get back to winning ways as they host San Diego on Friday Sept. 8.