• Don’t Doubt the Durability of Denim


    CSULB student organizations commemorate Denim Day with a workshop

  • Drag Queens Take Over LBSU


    LBSU hosted its first Drag Bingo on Oct. 16. It was a loud, colorful and makeup-filled night.

  • Food Down to the Science


    What is the LBSU Food Science Club?

  • Global Perspectives


    Getting Candid with International Students

  • Hal Probert: Greater Whittier, Greater Man


    A spotlight on an active and selfless community member.

  • Herí za Kwanzaa


    Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are at the top of the established and recognized list of celebrations. The first two receive plenty of attention; the latter remains a mystery.

  • Home Invasion


    The critical housing crisis in Long Beach. 

  • LBSU Huddles Against Fake News


    Dr. Jennifer Fleming, Chair of the CSULB Department of Journalism & Public Relations, discusses the importance of thinking critically about the news we consume during a pivotal time in media consumption.

  • Long Beach Comic Con Reflections


    This past weekend marked the ninth annual Long Beach Comic Con. Every year, geeks, nerds and everyone in between gather downtown for a pop culture celebration. I spent a day in the midst of it all.

  • Looking Back on Nearly Ten Years of College


    I can’t say if I’m excited or dreading it all being over.

  • Making Room For The Past


    The dead came back to life at the Sunnyside and Long Beach Municipal cemeteries on Oct. 28 for the 22nd Annual Historical Cemetery Tour.

  • Making the Effort


    Working to fix Public Relations’ lack of diversity

  • March to Remember


    Activists in Los Angeles to commemorate the Armenian Genocide

  • Marvel’s “Spider-Man” game review


    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes to the rescue, in an epic “Game of the Year” candidate.

  • Millennial Magnet


    Why young people let a mouse take their money

  • My Experience at 747 Warehouse Street


    On February 16 and 17, 747 Warehouse Street, a two-day event by Adidas, featured athlete appearances, t-shirt and jersey customization, exclusive sneaker drops and live music. 

  • Our Friend, Martin


    Beach Pride Events announces MLK Jr. Celebration Essay Contest winner.

  • Pennies for the Penny-wise


    Many of us look forward to Halloween all year long. The biggest frustration isn’t deciding what you want to dress up as, but how to do it without breaking the bank.

  • Perceiving is Believing


    Tarot cards can be traced back to the late 14th century. Most commonly used in Italy, they were originally a part of a casual playing card game. The widespread use of tarot cards for divination began in the late 1700s when Frenchman Jean-Baptise Alliette, under the pseudonym “Etteilla,” published the first guide to tarot card readings.

  • Power of Three


    This past weekend, Music Tastes Good Vol. 3 provided attendees with a near perfect festival experience.