• Ad Astra Doesn't Add Up


    Brad Pitt and the space baboons.

  • An Evening with Cheeseburger Eddie


    Terry Crews entertains and inspires at campus speaking engagement.

  • An Evening with Diane Guerrero


    On Feb. 6, LBSU students filled the USU Ballrooms for author, activist and actress Diana Guerrero as part of "An Evening with...," a recurring event presented by Beach Pride Events.

  • Anti.wav


    On Anti.wav, your host Chris Baines, works diligently to play sub-mainstream music that is new and less coveted by traditional radio programs, while staying consistent to themed playlists.

  • Atypical: showing the spectrum


    A new Netflix original changes the view of people with autism.

  • Back 2 School Playlist


    A playlist for all your commute or study needs.  

  • BpmBeats1


    Your weekly update on the World's emerging Electronic Dance Music Scene hosted by Charley Sharp! 

  • Brains Are Sexy Radio


    "A healthy brain is a sexy brain..." 

  • Charlie’s Angels Movie Review


    A Review of the latest adaptation of the classic spy trio “Charlie’s Angels”(2019)

  • Chris Collins Show


    A vocal spotlight for millenials! Hosted by Chris Collins and Marissa Pitts. 

  • Classic Hits at the Beach


    A music show presented by the “Even Richard Steven”. A variety of music is played, including numerous genres, just as Top 40 radio featured in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. 

  • Cocoa & Radio


    The unwavering bond between a man and his dog.

  • Copper animals and ceramic piggy banks


    Student art exhibit coverage for October 27, 2019

  • Darker Is Better


    Though Netflix's "Dark" series banks off of the trend of mixing 80's nostalgia, supernatural themes and a group of kids trying to solve a mystery, it differs itself by being avoiding the comedic route.

  • Deportes 22 Radio


    Deportes 22 Is the first Spanish sports radio in Long Beach State. Produced live every Thursday 9-10 Pm.

  • Desert Daze Collides with a Rainy Craze


    Psychedelic drugs, art, music and a lightning storm slams SoCal festival.

  • Drag Queens Take Over LBSU


    LBSU hosted its first Drag Bingo on Oct. 16. It was a loud, colorful and makeup-filled night.

  • Fibandacci


    Playing a variety of tunes from around the globe, showcasing local musicians, and making oddly specific playlists, Fibandacci's only goal is to show you a song that you might have never heard before.

  • Fortnite vs. PlayerUnknown's Battle Ground Mobile


    “Where we dropping boys? Loot Lake or Pochinki? Tilted Towers or School?” Fortnite or PUBG?

  • François Sur La Radio


    A French and French-themed radio show with various guests and themes every week representing different aspects of the French culture with an emphasis on it's music.