• The Granite Mountain Hot Shots


    Assisted by the many reviews and articles written since its premiere, “Only the Brave” has truly given the men lost in the Yarnell Hill fire a compelling and respectful memorial.

  • The Indieshop


    The Indieshop is one of the stations first and original shows, originally running from 1999-2002 (and elsewhere until 2004). It’s back with the same mix of indie pop & rock, from current artists, to those that inspired them, and everything in-between. We cover the global scene, from Long Beach, to London, South Korea, and back again. Requests and listener participation is highly welcome.

  • The Oscars Hit a New Low


    While the 90th Academy Awards had some great highs and historic wins, the ceremony’s ratings were extremely low compared to previous years.

  • The Tale of Two Lights


    Anime adaptations are often held to high standards and Netflix’s “Death Note” is no exception.The live-action adaptation has had a fair amount of controversy leading up to its release.

  • Trigger Warning: Ouji Boards and Supernatural Frights


    You may need a buddy to embark on Netflix’s “Veronica”

  • What You Need To Know About “Infinity War”


    Warning: full of spoilers