• Long Beach Comic Con Reflections


    This past weekend marked the ninth annual Long Beach Comic Con. Every year, geeks, nerds and everyone in between gather downtown for a pop culture celebration. I spent a day in the midst of it all.

  • Make it Meddlers


    22 West kicks off its first “Live Session” with an interview of local ska band. 

  • Marvel’s “Spider-Man” game review


    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes to the rescue, in an epic “Game of the Year” candidate.

  • Millennial Magnet


    Why young people let a mouse take their money

  • Mornings on the Beach


    “Mornings On The Beach” is Cal State’s morning radio show. Co-hosts Danny Lemos and Charley Sharp present campus news, information, events, music and lifestyle commentary for the CSULB community. 

  • MoviePass: Barely Getting By?


    When hearing about MoviePass for the first time, people’s initial reactions are awe at how good the deal is. It’s almost hard to believe.

  • My Happy Family


    Don’t be fooled by the ironic title. “My Happy Family” explores disturbing familial truths present in most cultures.

  • Netflix Who?


    These three Amazon Prime original series prove they’re worth the watch.

  • Otaku Hourly


    Otaku Hourly is your backdoor anime hangout!  Our dedicated crew sets out every week to engage and entertain our audience with anime-related discussions, news, and coverage.

  • Perfect For The Role


    It's about time Mr. Rogers gets his own biopic, and Tom Hanks is the perfect actor to portray him.

  • Rock Blocks


    Are you a fan of Rock music or Blocks? If you answered yes to one, two, or none of those questions, then this is the show for you! 

  • Sanrio’s Death Metal Red Panda Makes Her Debut


    “Aggretsuko” successfully captures office life.

  • Shot in the Dark


    The Netflix original documentary “Shot in the Dark” is not for the faint of heart.

  • The Blue Junkyard


    The Best in Blues, Jazz, and Soul music.

  • The Blues Highway


    Hi, I’m Pat Graham inviting you to join me Thursday afternoons at 3pm for “The Blues Highway” right here on 22 West Radio.

  • The Dark Lady


    A talk show that discusses the horror genre in every form including horror films, music, novels, conventions, and more. Fear is your entertainment. 

  • The Geek World Meets The Popular World


    It is safe to say that the years of calling people nerds or geeks as a means of offense are indeed over.

  • The Indieshop


    The Indieshop is one of the stations first and original shows, originally running from 1999-2002 (and elsewhere until 2004). We cover the global scene, from Long Beach, to London, South Korea, and more, with the same mix of indie pop & rock, from current artists, to those that inspired them, and everything in-between.

  • The Oscars Hit a New Low


    While the 90th Academy Awards had some great highs and historic wins, the ceremony’s ratings were extremely low compared to previous years.

  • Three Cheers, Three Mics


    22 West Radio brings three Golden Microphone Awards home from IBS conference