• It’s a Short ‘Thrill’


    After the staggering success of his 2014 album, “In the Lonely Hour,” Sam Smith’s “The Thrill of It All” is a mature sequel that relies too often on the same formula he has used before.

  • J. Cole is Just...Okay


    J. Cole's fifth studio album, "KOD" fails to have a real impact.

  • Let BROCKHAMPTON Be A Boy Band


    Is BROCKHAMPTON considered a boy band?

  • Lost in the Woods


    Justin Timberlake's latest album missed the mark.

  • March Round-Up


    Last month saw the comeback of soul and R&B.

  • Power of Three


    This past weekend, Music Tastes Good Vol. 3 provided attendees with a near perfect festival experience.

  • Psychedelic R&B Meets Funk


    Miguel's fourth studio album mixes his signature psychedelic R&B sound with funk, while subliminally communicating the artist’s political stances.

  • Second Time Impressions


    Lovelytheband played a sold out show at the Troubador on Feb. 6, a valiant accomplishment despite it being their second time headlining. 

  • The Blues Highway


    Hi, I’m Pat Graham inviting you to join me Thursday afternoons at 3pm for “The Blues Highway” right here on 22 West Radio.

  • The Bold Invasion of Cardi B


    The Afro-Latina rapper makes a strong debut in her first album.

  • The Indieshop


    The Indieshop is one of the stations first and original shows, originally running from 1999-2002 (and elsewhere until 2004). It’s back with the same mix of indie pop & rock, from current artists, to those that inspired them, and everything in-between. We cover the global scene, from Long Beach, to London, South Korea, and back again. Requests and listener participation is highly welcome.

  • The Sound of Black Panther


    Kendrick Lamar brought together an all-star cast for Marvel's latest film Black Panther.

  • The Underdogs of the Grammys


    Let's talk about a few deserving artists that we hope will be contenders for the 2019 Grammys.

  • What’s Left in the Dust


    Although hazing is accountable for numerous deaths and injuries, a lack of college disciplinary action and an unspoken code of silence within college organizations allows this behavior to continue on campuses across America.

  • Why Do The Beach Boys Get Swept Away?


    When we talk about the most influential bands of the ‘60s, why do the Beach Boys get swept away by the wave of Beatlemania or get rolled by the Stones?

  • You Can't Have Your Indie Cred and Eat it Too


    Julian Casablancas takes a jab at the success of popular music.

  • Young But Wise: Sunflower Bean Shine On “Twentytwo in Blue”


    The band’s sophomore effort tackles heartache and politics with youthful sincerity and a touch of glamour.