Talk Show

  • Mornings on the Beach


    “Mornings On The Beach” is Cal State’s morning radio show. Produced live Monday through Friday 9-10am (10-11AM on Kbeach FM) co-hosts Danny Lemos and Charley Sharp present campus news, information, events, music and lifestyle commentary for the CSULB community. 

  • The Dark Lady


    Fear is your entertainment. Satisfy your morbid curiosity every Tuesday night at 10 pm with Kat Fontilea on The Dark Lady. The Dark Lady is a talk show that discusses the horror genre in every form including horror films, music, novels, conventions, and more. 

  • The Theater Lobby


    A freeform discussion show focusing on movies and television. Even though there is a focus on movies and television, we also branch out to video games, books, and life in general.