About Us

22 West is a student run, student driven multimedia company at Long Beach State University. We encompass a radio station, video production company, and magazine. We're a space for students to express themselves and get hands on with media production.

Any student with an interest in media is welcome to join the team. We accept any level of experience. We're located at the bottom floor of the USU, so stop by and say hi!

The Team

Administrative Staff

Picture of Danny Lemos

Danny Lemos
Student Media Coordinator

Picture of Emilia Montenegro

Emilia Montenegro
Media Administrative Assistant

Picture of Almee Christian

Almee Christian
Graduate Assistant

Video Team

Picture of Moises Marquez

Moises Marquez
Executive Producer

Picture of Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice
Video Producer

Picture of Jason Bauguess

Jason Bauguess
Video Producer

Picture of Andy Nguyen

Andy Nguyen
Video Editor

Magazine Team

Picture of Andres Leon

Andres Leon
Editor in Chief

Picture of Jake Winkle

Jake Winkle
Art Director

Picture of Jensen Puckett

Jensen Puckett
Managing Editor

Picture of Lianna Schieber

Lianna Schieber
Distribution Manager

Picture of Avery Keller

Avery Keller
Lead Copy Editor

Radio Team

Picture of Jacob Ingram

Jacob Ingram
Program Director

Picture of Nicholas James

Nicholas James
News & Public Affairs Director

Picture of Matthew Paige

Matthew Paige
Sports Director

Picture of Isaac Gordon

Isaac Gordon
Board Operator

Picture of Brent Pothoven

Brent Pothoven
Play by Play Announcer

Picture of Rigo Carbajal

Rigo Carbajal
Alternate Play by Play Announcer

Marketing Team

Picture of Jasmine Martos

Jasmine Martos
Marketing Director

Picture of Jesse Mar Ramirez

Jesse Mar Ramirez
Multimedia Manager

Picture of Scott Sakurai

Scott Sakurai


Alejandro Ayala
Social Media Coordinator

Kacey Acosta
Sales and Advertising Manager

Tori McDonald
Chief Engineer

Salvador Villanueva
Music Director

Joey Quiam
Video Editor

Caroline Smith
Video Producer

Natalie Comfort
Lead Copy Editor

Reyn Ou
Radio News & Public Affairs Coordinator

Rachel Livinal
Radio Production & Imaging Director

Jerry Reynoso
Sports Director