Daily 49er Considers Rebranding Name

By Paperman

After a year of controversy surrounding Cal State Long Beach’s student newspaper, the Daily 49er, the organization is set to change their name after a movement began to demand change.

The movement began on a website called jprstudents4change.org in the Spring of 2021. Visiting the website, readers are met with a big bolded “Racism exists at the Daily Forty-Niner.” After waiting about a year for everyone to forget about the movement, the Daily 49er recently put out a poll toward the end spring 2022.

A totally-real-and-not-fake official from the newspaper reached out for comment saying, “Don’t look at that website, we'd figured all the students active enough to push for a change have already latched onto the next movement.” They really said that, they said that because I reached out to them for comment and they told me, a reporter, that.

Now that the topic is back in the air for discussion and not going to be thrown away in a random Instagram poll because I know our patriotic, god fearing newspaper would never do that, the newspaper is set to change their name to a few of the following options.

“The Daily 69er”
“The Daily 48er”
“Daily 49er? I Hardly Know Her”
“We Back the Thin Prospector Pete Line”
“Was Trump so Bad? (newspaper)”
“JPR Department Pipeline”

Let’s hope that these are actual names they’re considering changing to, because the Daily 49er is an overtly offensive name, and everyone absolutely hates that name. Just ask anyone on campus what they think about the Daily 49er, they’ll always say, “Huh, what’s that?”

That’s all. Nevermind the fact that any 22 West Media associated person has to go on a 2 minute speech clarifying what we are and what we do, having to clarify that the article we published titled, “Best Places to Worship Satan,” was in fact, not a joke, and we are full blown satanists manifesting in the basement of the University Student Union.



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