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Art by Mer-itha

Zoom Tips and Tricks You Actually Need

By A.A. Ron

As the semester draws to a close, we are faced with the questions of what fall of 2020 will look like. Will we be able to return to our classrooms or will online instruction continue? In the event that this pandemic steals another semester from us, I’ve gathered three tips and tricks that us students can actually use to survive being stuck in Zoom classes all day.

1. Are you looking for a quick escape but your professor mandates cameras on? An easy and hassle-free way of giving yourself some relief is to use your pet’s greatest talent looking cute. Just set the camera toward your dog, cat, reptile or bird and instantly be forgotten about by everyone in class. Note: this may not work if your pet is a tarantula or insect of any sort.

300 cat

2. Setting fun backgrounds on Zoom has become an easy way for students to bring some levity to the classroom setting, but did you know you can set videos as your background? While you can use this to watch your favorite movie with the class, why not take it one step further and use it to get out of being in class at all. Just record a 1-2 minute loop of yourself looking attentive and taking notes, then voila! You got yourself a free ticket out of class anytime you want.

300 record3. Does the prospect of a three hour class have you wanting to start day drinking but you don’t want to raise suspicions with your professor? You may consider using the classic water bottle trick, but it’s 2020 baby, time to get sustainable. For ease of use I would suggest your favorite mug. It’s easy to refill throughout the class, and it’s ideal for any time of day (especially morning classes).

300 drink

Now that you’ve had this wisdom imparted on you, go forth and Zoom to your heart’s content!