Supporting Foster Youth at CSULB

Guardian Scholars (GS) is a program on campus that supports current and former foster youth at CSULB. If you have been in the foster care system and feel eligible to become a Guardian Scholars member, you can apply directly on the Guardian Scholars website. Guardian Scholars at CSULB provide student employment and academic and emotional support. The CSULB Guardian Scholars have 125 students this semester. On-campus activities throughout the year include guest panels, monthly workshops, graduation ceremonies, and holiday dinners. Other benefits of participating in the Guardian Scholars include book grants, scholarships, career readiness, priority registration for classes, academic tutoring, academic and financial aid counseling, and summer and winter break support for students who are at risk of being homeless.

This holiday season, CSULB students, who were part of the foster care system and are members of Guardian Scholars, are eligible for up to a $425 gift from One Simple Wish, a nonprofit that supports current and former foster youth. Each wish granted by One Simple Wish helps students reduce educational expenses, explore areas of interest, and fulfill their passion for learning something new.

The holiday gifts offered by One Simple Wish, a Los Angeles nonprofit supporting foster youth, come from various donors, including private, corporate, and celebrity contributors. Some examples of past gifts to CSULB students include cameras, computers, gym memberships, furniture, clothing, and digital equipment like tripods, ring lights, and more.

Guardian Scholars' collaboration with Fostering Futures (FFSO) is a student-run organization built to increase foster youth awareness, community, and sense of belonging. Anyone can join this student organization and be involved with upcoming events, such as creating care packages for group homes in Los Angeles County. To join this organization, you can follow their Instagram page at @fosteringfutures_csulb and submit an "Officer Application" on the link tree in their bio.

Guardian Scholars and Fostering Futures have hosted joint programs like GS Bowling Night, Hallow Harvest, and Friendsgivings. Programs like Guardians Scholars genuinely make a difference in supporting foster youth by navigating higher education and increasing student engagement.

If you are a current or former foster youth and want more information, you can visit the Guardian Scholars website. The Guardian Scholars program benefits its members and truly cares about its participants by providing services and resources that influence a student's time and academic journey at CSULB.


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Supporting Foster Youth at CSULB

Guardian Scholars (GS) is a program on campus that supports current and former foster youth at CSULB. If you have been in the foster care system, find out how you can become a Guardian Scholars member!

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