22 West Live Sessions

22 West's very own multimedia music series that feature music artists from the greater Los Angeles area. Artists perform intimate sets as they are featured hand crafted performance backdrops.

22 West Local Access

Parody series of local access Television. Episodes are random videos found in the internet that are portrayed in the style of Local Access Television.

Dear Long Beach

Web series decribing issues in Long Beach. Each episodes explores a different concern that people of Long Beach experience.


Anthology series dealing with multiple social topics. Each episode explores a different social issue in a narrative style.


Have you ever spent hours on the internet researching an obscure subject? Then this is the show for you! Hyperlink is a multimedia
project where we interview "experts" on niche topics. Each topic will have a video, podcast, and article made by all three branches of 22 West Media.

And We Vote

This is the show where you say what you want and always win democracy.